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My New Job Hunt:

MyNewJobHunt's goal is to help people find meaningful employment quickly. We are challenging the conventional job search method by empowering people with new tools and process's based on guerrilla marketing tactics that dramatically increase their probability of success. We make an positive impact on people's lives by providing better career opportunities and disrupting the current Employer Centric mindset. We are empowering a more Employee Centric, Employer/Employee relationship.

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News Articles

    MyNewJobHunt is Featured by Colin Noden of Apt613


Our Mission:

At FuturTek we want to Engineer a better Futur with Tek. At FuturTek, we are making a better future for people using innovative technological approaches to specific challenges. We are using engineering principles to create tools and process's to simplify these challenges, creating a more predictable, reliable repeatable and positive world for people to live in.

FuturTek: Graduated FI! First Cohort Ottawa Fall 2016

Dave Watson, Founder of FuturTek, decided in August 2016 that it was time to take FuturTek from a dream and make it reality. Dave enrolled in the first Founder Institute Co-hort ever run in Ottawa. He graduated from the very Intensive Startup Incubator Curriculum on Dec 9 2016, with a solid plan of action. The public debut of FuturTek, one of the 9 new startup companies in the First Co-hort Ottawa Founder Institute, was at the Founder Institute Showcase event held on Jan 19/2017.