About FuturTek

Our Mission:

At FuturTek we want to Engineer a better Futur with Tek. At FuturTek, we are making a better future for people using innovative technological approaches to specific challenges. We are using engineering principles to create tools and process's to simplify these challenges, creating a more predictable, reliable repeatable and positive world for people to live in.

FuturTek: Graduated FI! First Cohort Ottawa Fall 2016

Dave Watson, Founder of FuturTek, decided in August 2016 that it was time to take FuturTek from a dream and make it reality. Dave enrolled in the first Founder Institute Co-hort ever run in Ottawa. He graduated from the very Intensive Startup Incubator Curriculum on Dec 9 2016, with a solid plan of action. The public debut of FuturTek, one of the 9 new startup companies in the First Co-hort Ottawa Founder Institute, was at the Founder Institute Showcase event held on Jan 19/2017.